Making your own Yogurt

This will be so easy. Something you can start in the evening and it will be ready in the morning. You can add Granola and/or Fruit for breakfast, place the yoghurt in a pretty glass, add fruit and drizzle honey for dessert.

1/2 c of good quality commercial plain yoghurt, or 1/2 c of yoghurt from previous batch

I made a larger batch

1quart pasteurized whole milk, nonhomogenized

a candy thermometer

Yoghurt is easy to make- neither a yoghurt maker nor any special culture is necessary. The final product maybe thinner in consistency than commercial yoghurt.

Gently heat the milk to 180 degrees and allow to cool to 110 degrees. Stir in yoghurt and place in a warm oven ( a gas oven with a pilot light or an electric oven pre-heated to warm and then turned off) overnight.

I used a metal pan from a chafing set, but you can use a glass dish. I suggest covering with plastic wrap and a towel to keep the yogurt warm.

It will pull away from the pan

In the morning transfer to the refrigerator. ( I spooned the yoghurt into mason jars) . Throughout the day, use paper towels to mop up any whey that exudes from the yoghurt. (You can pour it off into a smaller jar to use in bread making ).

Try some plain yogurt from the store before you make this and then try your own. I love my own. So yummy.

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