Campin’ and Jammin’ across America

The Sweet Spot and Urban Lounge is traveling across the country. We are attending a family reunion in WA so we are driving from Florida on a great adventure. Our plan is to camp and buy produce from road side stands and make jam as well as sell the Jams we have to friends and family.

Today June 23rd is Day 1. We ( #JamMasterShelli, #KookieMaster_T, and #DJDabbs ) set out at 3am. I need to let you know that you should not take last minute orders. But I know I did it to myself. I promised a dear friend a cake for her wedding reception. Of course we also went to the reception. LOL

We also needed to get gas before leaving out. With the exception of a 7-11 did you know gas stations close? OR you can only talk to the person through a window so NO COFFEE. Planning is everything. We rolled out on no coffee excited for this adventure.

Our first stop was at Striplings General Store for coffee. Now we love to walk around and look at all the different things small town stores carry. This was no different, there were great flavors of jellies and jams. A whole row of fruit and pepper jellies with no explanation of what pepper. Hmmm Also there were pickle making kits where you supply the veggies and they tell you how to make the brine. All they give you are the spices. Well for the price I personally would buy the already made pickles of the next shelf. I did have a really good country Ham and biscuit sandwich, If the jams weren’t so far in the back of the van I would have put some #PineappleHabanero jam on it. Fruit and Pepper Jam goes great on Pork.

We ended up finishing the first day by staying with a cousin of mine. Imagine driving down the highway and getting a tornado warning on your phone. Well I was raised in earthquakes and now live with hurricanes so I had no idea what I was supposed to do. So I did what the youth do these days I went to Facebook live. My mom said for us to go into a ditch which I couldn’t figure out how I would get my car out, then friends said everything from seeking shelter to get near an overpass, neither of which was close by. Of course someone clarified that we are supposed to get in the ditch not our car. I was worried with all the jars how we would survive. SO hopefully tomorrow will be better and we will be jamming. SO we will say Goodnight from the historic city of Cadiz, Kentucky.

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