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Michelle "Shelli" McInnis, Pastry Chef/Owner
Chef Shelli,  has worked for a 5 star restaurant as Assistant Pastry Chef and is a current graduate of the Art Institute of Jacksonville's Baking and Pastry program. She currently bakes organic and specialty breads for a local co-op and bakes for friends and family. Shelli  has held many management positions with top retailers, and has had experience with teaching children and adults.
DJ Dabbs brings to the Sweet Spot 30 years of experience running his own mobile DJ business. He holds a B.A in Business Management and a Masters in Special Education. He has also owned a successful small business.

Weddings / Receptions

start at $550,  first 4 hours ( includes wireless mic) 

Community Events: CompanyFunctions and  Company Parties.

start at $450,  first 4 hours

Private Parties: Birthdays Parties, Holidays Parties, Church Events, Fundraisers or any Celebration.

$100 per hour ( 3 hour minimum)

Contact for prices concerning additional hours, lights and karaoke 
About The Sweet Spot & Urban Lounge
The Sweet Spot will be a great bakery for all types of people to enjoy. Specializing in a healthier way to enjoy sweets, by serving some organic, gluten free and healthier items. The theory is that everyone deserves a little sweet. We will make pastries, cookies, pies, cakes, breads and such. We will be mindful of those patrons with dietary concerns without making that readily known to those without them so everyone will eat a little healthier. On special occasions there will be sorbets and ice cream. Specialty breads, cheeses, honey and spreads will also be on the menu, all locally made and grown with jams and jellies made in house.
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For Sweet Treats call Shelli at 
904-206-8762 or Email her at

For Sweet Music call Dabbs at: 
904.206.8408 or Email him at

We are DJ Dabbs and Chef Shelli and we believe all people are part of the community; however people with learning disabilities often get overlooked so we plan on doing something about it. 

This might be a new idea to Jacksonville but the concept works very well in many other cities. My wife and I are like many people who start a business, we have a passion for what we do and why we do it. We are parents of a child with a learning disability and we understand that traditional colleges may not be an option. DJ Dabbs has a Master’s degree in Special Education and teaches children with learning disabilities. Many of these students do not know what they want to do after high school and college is by far their last thought. 

Chef Shelli is a graduated Pastry Chef and brings to the business many years of experience. We have decided we would combine our passions together and create The Sweet Spot Dessert Café so we can fill a void in Jacksonville and help these individuals feel more like part of the city we love.

Find us at 
Jacksonville Farmers Market
Saturday 9-5
Sunday 9-4
1810 W Beaver 
Jacksonville, Florida 32209
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